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Meet Bryan...

With over 40 years of “tinkering” experience, Bryan focused on lamp repair in 2009 when he and his wife, Robin, got married. Robin brings over 20 years of experience in the antiques business with an eye for unique items and a loyal customer base. Robin’s antique lamp finds came with antique wiring and there was often the need to rewire lamps that didn’t work. After several repairs, Robin suggested that Bryan should have some business cards made to put in antique stores around Savannah. His first repair for a customer was in August 2010 for Alex Raskin of Alex Raskin Antiques. Since 2010, Bryan has repaired more than 300 lamps and chandeliers from basic cord and switch replacement to repairing more complex broken parts. Bryan has also converted gas lit chandeliers to electrical as well as European lamps and chandeliers to work with American voltage. He can change the look of your brass chandelier to create a wrought iron look by having it powder coated. (powder coating can be done in hundreds of different colors)

Bryan and Robin

Bryan and Robin

Bryan’s custom work began when the owner of Matty’s Trash and Treasures, Matty Harley, asked if he could create a light fixture from an old chicken coop to put in her store. It sold within the first week! Some materials Bryan has used to make his creations include driftwood, architectural millwork, motorcycle sprockets, fence wire, concrete planters and artillery shells. Savannah designers come to Bryan for that one-of-a-kind conversation piece in their clients’ homes. You might just spot Bryan at garage, yard, and estate sales on the weekends looking for the perfect items to repurpose as unique statement pieces.

Courtney Saussy at Circa Lighting contacted Bryan in October 2013 as a referral to their clients that needed lamp repairs. He has since been making house calls to do anything from replacing crystals and broken arms on chandeliers to shortening cords. He keeps most of the common lamp repair parts in stock to ensure a quick turnaround.

Bryan can come by for a consultation and re-purpose, revive, or re-enlighten whatever your lighting woes may be.

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